Square Trinket Dish

Square Trinket Dish


These square ceramic ring dishes were made from slab at my home studio in Kansas. They’re sleek, sturdy, modern and come in a range of colors. They are cut, pressed, and shaped individually. Put them by your bed to place your ring and necklaces for the night, put them by the kitchen or bathroom sink for hand washing time, keep one on the coffee table as a catchall. They make great gifts too!

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  • Handmade ceramic dish
  • This item is in stock and ready to ship within 1-3 days
  • These are all made and painted individually, so please allow for variations in shape, size and color


  • This piece was hand built, hand pressed, and shaped
  • It is a shiny and comes in multiple colors
  • Made from Earthenware clay
  • Approx. 1" Tall
  • Approx. 3.5 ” Wide