Product Care


Functional Work


As with all handmade work, they need to be handled with care. Be gentle, wrap well in transportation. I highly recommend to wipe clean. Refrain from any dropping, banging, or rough handling. 

To ensure the longevity of your product, all food related items should be hand washed, and not placed in the microwave. Both of these acts will add wear and tear to your products decreasing their potential life span. 

For any gold/silver on your products. Please please do not put it in a microwave. Metal + Microwaves ≠ a good outcome. Also, note, that gold/silver accents on your products may wear over time. 

Floral Plaques


Each of these are outfitted with a key hole to hang from.  Please make sure they are hung securely. While small ones aren't heavy, bigger pieces should be hung from a stud. There's fun stud finders at your local hardware supplies store. 

As anything, they may collect dust over time. Use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Anything with a wood backing, I would not recommend to run under water. Anything 100% ceramic can be run under water to clean, but please make sure it's dry before hanging (no one needs water drips on their walls).

For any gold/silver on your products. Please note the accents may wear over time.